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By Angela Norval 19/01/2022

Local musician Abby Skye hasn’t wasted any time, starting the new year with a music video for single What Do You Believe (Tum Tikki) on 12 January.

It’s the first single release from Abby’s debut album Build A Castle with Me, released in May last year.

The music video was Abby’s first ‘lockdown’ project and was filmed partly in her studio and partly on location with friend and cinematographer Daryl Irvine. It’s the first of many music videos Abby has planned to promote her album.

Asked how she decided on this song for her first film clip, Abby said she always though the first single from an album should be something edgy and a little different.

“This song was strange from the beginning, so I think I always just assumed it would be the first one we’d film a video for,” she said.

“Tum Tikki didn’t come with a clear vision of what it wanted to be, like other songs did, it was complete experimentation.

“I started with the vocal hook and piece by piece, the rest of it was built on top.

“This song wasn’t born of a story I wanted to tell, like some of the others were; it came together in pieces that didn’t necessarily belong together at first, both musically and lyrically – they kind of got woven together.

“When I was writing it, though, I was spending a lot of time observing what was going on with people and around the world, so the lyrics became a general reflection of my thoughts at the time.

“I definitely wanted to highlight the positives, though, particularly our potential and our power, since it’s easy to forget who we are in these trying times.

“I wanted the video to be an authentic representation of the DIY-nature of how this song came about, which was just session after session in my studio.”

The music video covers a variety of outlooks including the beauty of the region, an insight into Abby’s writing style, and recording sessions.

“We live in an incredible part of the world, and the Wide Bay is a stunning place,” she said.

“It looks a lot lusher since we shot this video, after all the rain we’ve thankfully had!

“I’m so lucky I get to make music in such perfect, quiet surroundings. I count my blessings every single day.

“Basically, the gist of the music video is also giving my fans a bit of insight into my process, lots of writing sessions, late night recording, editing, co-ordinating other people and making finishing touches.

“It takes me a long time to finish a project, even if it’s a small one, because I fuss over the smallest of details, but to me, they make a huge difference.”

While physical sales of the album have taken a hit with Abby not playing live events, the time off touring allowed her to spend lots more time in her studio, creating and producing.

She said this felt right and could open doors that were out of reach before, such as the overseas market and licensing.

This year is going to be a busy one for Abby, who is planning a music video for every song on Build a Castle With Me and has several in production.

“I love how a visual story can give a song a whole new level of experience and understanding and I love that I get to explore these corners of the album now,” she said.

“I am also doing preliminary work on the next album, but can say much about that until I narrow ideas down a bit more.

“Ultimately I hope everyone is staying safe and kind to themselves and others in these difficult times.

“No matter what 2022 throws at us, let’s all look out for one another, no matter what.”

The new music video for What Do You Believe (Tum Tikki) is available on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music and across Abby’s social media pages.


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