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By Angela Norval

Abby Skye has been an integral part of the local scene for many years and knows just what live music means to the Bundaberg region.


That’s why she is especially proud to be part of the extensive line-up of Australia greats as part of Lighthouse Rock.

Held on 15 October at Burnett Heads, as the name suggests, Lighthouse Rock is a rock festival that brings together great talent including Jimmy Barnes, Jon Stevens, Ian Moss, Choirboys, Swanee, Jackson Dunn, the Triple M Battle of the Bands winner and, of course, Abby Skye.

Sharing the enthusiasm of Lighthouse Presents director Gavin Hales, Abby said she was delighted a big festival like this was coming to the area.

“The people of the Bundaberg region truly love live music here and their support is evident in how quickly the first round and VIP tickets to Lighthouse Rock sold out,” she said.

“It’s an honour to be asked to perform, so saying yes was a no-brainer.

“Personally, I think it is destined to be great because it’s an incredible line-up. Community enthusiasm couldn’t be higher, we have die-hard fans of some of the headliners and huge support for us locals who will be joining them.

“It’s a brilliant opportunity for us to be included in these big events, and we’re very lucky that the organisers are so open to including local talent, along with the big names.

“The Wide Bay has a fabulous local music scene, but platforms like this provide next-level opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise be available to us.”

Audiences of Lighthouse Rock have a lot to look forward to with Abby’s set where she will be playing a bunch of the favourites from her album Build a Castle With Me, along with a few classic hits.

Asked what it will mean to her to be performing alongside such music legends, Abby said these artists and bands were ones she had listened to and admired forever.

“It is an absolute dream to be sharing the stage with them.

“I’ve heard wonderful things about them as people too, so I’m really looking forward to meeting them.

“It is ideal timing as years of performing live has definitely allowed me to refine my skills and improve my techniques, both as a musician and as a performer, although my recorded music tends to be influenced by what I’m listening to at the time.

“I’ve started work on my next album, which is going to be quite heavier than Build A Castle With Me and a bit of a nostalgic nod to my time in metal and heavy rock bands.”

Since being prevented from performing since December, Abby has spent time in her studio working mainly on the music videos for her album.

Filmed by her talented friend and cinematographer Daryl Irvine on her beautiful Wide Bay property, the video for Gasoline is set to be released in the next couple of weeks and is something which Abby is super proud of.

But before she takes to the stage, there is one role that Abby is particularly keen to fulfill and that is a judge for the Triple M Battle of the Bands.

“In my judging role, I’ll be looking primarily at musicianship, both individually and as a group, plus the strength of any of their original songs.

“Their stage presence and how they perform are obviously big factors, too.

“I know how nerve-wracking these things can be, so I hope they’ll all feel comfortable and confident enough to just have fun.”

Abby Skye will be giving fans a taste of what they can expect in October when she brings her own rocking fabulousness to the stage at the Lighthouse Hotel on Saturday night from 7pm.

For more information about Lighthouse Rocks and purchasing tickets, visit lighthouserock.com.au


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