PRESS RELEASE – Abby releases new music video!

Abby Skye releases music video for ‘What Do You Believe (Tum Tikki)’ on January 12th.

‘What Do You Believe (Tum Tikki)’ is the first single release from Abby’s debut album ‘Build A Castle With Me’, released May 2021. Abby wrote, recorded and produced the song at her studio ‘Empirical Music’ in Wide Bay Queensland.


“ ‘Tum Tikki’ didn’t come with a clear vision of what it wanted to be, like other songs did, it was complete experimentation. I started with the vocal hook and piece by piece, the rest of it was built on top. I wanted the video to be an authentic representation of the ‘D-I-Y’ nature of how this song came about, which was just session after session in my studio.” – Abby


The ‘What Do You Believe (Tum Tikki)’ music video was Abby’s first ‘lockdown’ project and was filmed partly in her studio and partly on location with friend and cinematographer Daryl Irvine. It’s the first of many music videos that Abby has planned to promote her album.


The new music video for ‘What Do You Believe (Tum Tikki)’ premiers on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music and across Abby’s social media pages at 12pm January 12th 2022.


You can hear and download the song for free from various streaming services, or you can buy the .mp3 for $1.50 from if you’d like to support the artist directly.


Watch the Music Video:

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